September 14, 2005 3

Il Fornaio (Old Town Pasadena)

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So after cheap greasy Chinese food, we met up with Vero and Tina for some wine and dessert. I must have not been to Pasadena for a long while because I got so confused at finding this place (which I’ve been to few times before)! For some reason I drove all the way to Rialto theatre and was expecting a mexican or cuban restaurant ^^;; We share a bottle of white wine and 3 desserts. Crema al Doppio Gusto: Fennel infused custard with chocolate mousse and caramelized sugar topping. I think it was my favorite out of the three. The others are Zabaione alla Gritti: Chilled zabaione with fresh berries, Bellini sorbet, fresh whipped cream and amarena cherry. Crespelle con Vaniglia: Crepes filled with apples and grappa pastry cream; vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce.

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3 Responses to “Il Fornaio (Old Town Pasadena)”

  1. seat says:

    Oh!! Where was that logo reflected on the wine!!??? Surreal picture!!! ^^;;;;

    The desserts look so nice!! But I am surprised that you actually needed dinner before wine and dessert – I thought dessert alone would be enough for you guys!

  2. tomoko says:

    the strawberry dessert looks like creme brulee!
    looks good…the wine pic looks really good too!

  3. Freda says:

    Haha you’d appreciate sweets more after you have tasty/salty/greasy food right? Yeah the wine picture turns out so…atmospheric…^^;; (the green colors are olive oil in behind). Actually the desserts are only ok.The apple crepe is like…apple pie but in crepe. The three taste similar too actually…hmm…