September 16, 2005 3

Mousse Fantasy (Sawtelle)

By in 12: Sawtelle

When you ate too often at a certain area you’d start to notice the ones you’ve ignored prior. Mousse Fantasy was one. I used to come here only for their ATM machine, and they seems to be a cake place but I’ve tried them long time ago and it was no good. The interior was quite bare and ugly too. I finally tried their lunch. Lots of Japanese pastas. The Napolitan was very strong tasting (even for a salty bug like me) but I’m fond of it because it reminds me of…childhood! (Napolitan was a treat for me when I was young from a western restaurant down the street, and this taste just like it! *O*). More to my delights, it came with a fresh and nice organic salad (overheard the boss telling other customer about all the food he served are bought from farmer’s market). The set also came with a brick toast (yum!) and organic jam (yummy!) The latte is very good! I think they’re good (as long as not the cake, despite their name ^^;;), wanted to go back to try the other spaghetti.

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3 Responses to “Mousse Fantasy (Sawtelle)”

  1. seat says:

    Childhood treat was in HK? Was it something like 炒茄汁意大利粉?? ^^;;; It is great that the set comes with so much stuff!

  2. tomoko says:

    I haven’t had napolitan in a long time…
    is the owner japanese?

  3. Joan says:

    They called it (I hope this shows up) 拿破崙意粉, haha doesn’t really make sense….