November 27, 2005 5

Yes Cafe (Alhambra)

By in 01: San Gabriel

Bacon wrapped asparagus & Veggie bun set.
DSC06792.jpgBack to this Taiwanese madam cafe ^^;; Their meal is pretty good! Especially the veggie bun (inside are mushroom, tofu..etc.). I overheard a conversation between a customer and the boss. Seems like it is opened by a wealthy madam, so managing it is like her…hobby and the food and interior (and those ‘light’ music) obviously reflecting her taste. She was wrapping gift tea boxes set. I imagine a conversation between her friends how they wanted a ‘haven’ for non-boba teenage-oriented Taiwanese tea/coffee house where you drink tea from a floral tea cup.

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5 Responses to “Yes Cafe (Alhambra)”

  1. seat says:

    The asparagus and bacon looks good~~~the veggie buns are cute too but they look more like appetizer than main dish to eat with rice. ^^;;

    Oh I never dream of my own house cos I don’t really mind where I live, as long as it is not too dirty (^^;;), BUT I always dream about my own cafe/restaurant…like I want to have 3 chefs, one to make really yummy pasta and one to make really yummy French main dish, and one to make stunningly beautiful dessert…and I put them all in a single dinner course. And I want a trendy but comfortable and casual cafe space, but the food is top-class restaurant quality, ahahaha~~~~. ^^;;;

  2. Freda says:

    haha I know~~ it’s like an ultimate dream for a lot of girls t own a cafe/restaurant. It’s like collection of your favorite dishes and preference in gourmet but sharing it with others. ^^;; Funny you said ‘yummy pasta’ and ‘french food’, these are like your main diet ^^;;;

  3. tomoko says:

    yeah I know, even my boss(ojisan in mid 50s)
    wants to start a cafe once he retires! ^_^;

  4. Joan says:

    haha Seat, you just describe my ideal restaurant! ^O^
    Who knows, may be some day we can make that happen!

  5. seat says:

    Yeah, haha, Italian has great pasta but the meat is usually no good and boring, while French is great but lacking in carbohydrate apart from bread(^^;;)…so a combination would be fantastic. I mean seriously, if I open the cafe/restaurant, I will open in HK, and invite the good chefs from Tokyo(well I only know Tokyo…) to work there for like a couple of months, and then switch the chefs so that there will be new menu all the time. When there are no chefs available, I will close the restaurant for a while and go for a trip….how unrealistic…^^;;;;