December 8, 2005 2

Beach @ Puerto Vallarta (Part 10)

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After almost an hour (it feels forever) we finally reach this tiny secluded beach. The water must have some kinda fungi in them to be that emerabld. It’s beautiful~ We felt like we own it!

One guy (Javier) from our gang said that his parents own a hut up the hill, so he led a group of us climb these very dangerous and steep rocks. Turns out it’s like an abandoned scary little hut without windows and bunch of junk inside. As we thought we owned the island all to ourselves, we saw this hippie looking old guy smoking pot there. He said the hut was used by stoners all the time…haha… Javier’s parents need a lock and take a better care of their property…^^;;;

Mysterious little shrine on the rock. There’s a little water fall at the end of the beach. The spring is icy cold, despite it leads to warm ocean water.

Boys will be boys, very soon the guys are discovering weird bugs. There’s also this super freaky alien jello slug…gosh~~

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2 Responses to “Beach @ Puerto Vallarta (Part 10)”

  1. seat says:

    The jello slug is the leftmost pic?? Creepy~~
    Did you choose to go to that island because your friend owns a hut there? It is so green!

  2. Freda says:

    We go there because the local said it has the most emerald water~ I’m sure it’s a highlight beach spot but for some reason it’s pretty quiet, no boat passed by… That jello slug is alive…moving and all…sooo creepy~~