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Bar Celona (Old Town Pasadena)

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DSC00859.jpgVero came back for visit this weekend from Seattle and we went to this new Spanish restaurant Bar Celona at Old town Pasadena. 7 out of 8 people drank 2 pitchers of Sangria, $35 each. I only had two glasses, Joan had one as she was driving (and she spilled another glass clean). It was only so-so. Then everything in this place gone downhill from there.

DSC00857.jpgThe olive spread is at least quite good (the only tolerable thing in this place)!

DSC00861.jpgTapas Platter $16 everything’s bad and no taste.

DSC00863.jpg Paella with Shrimp, Mussles and Clams $22 Tasteless, not enough saffron. Argh is this really that hard to make?

DSC00865.jpg Desert Platter $10 Ridiculously overpriced for hot caramelized banana with three super normal dipping sauce: choco+caramel+wipe cream and 3 scope of extremely normal icecream (Expresso, Vanilla, Strawberry)

Never EVER go back there again!!!
Can’t believe it’s so crowded. I guess no matter how crap the quality is, your restaurant will guarantee crowds at night in Old Town’s main street and people give in to any “dark, nice ambience space with alcohol”.

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4 Responses to “Bar Celona (Old Town Pasadena)”

  1. seat says:

    What ahahaha, it was that bad?! ^^;;;; The Paella does look very wrong, and you didn’t ask what is in the dessert platter before you ordered it? Argh, it is really crappy feeling when you go to a bad restaurant, especially when it is not cheap. Are there any gourmet review magazines/sites on L.A. you can check beforehand? It might not be completely reliable of course but at least it can filter out the REALLY bad ones.

  2. tina says:

    agree!!! this is the wrost overpriced restaurant i’ve ever being to. but i was nice to see everyone though. and you guys should put up some pictures of what you were wearing. both of you look soooooo cute. *w*

  3. Freda says:

    Ha we see a bit of your sleeves and hand in one picture Tina.
    ah I’m sure there’re gourmet review (even in newspaper’s food section) but don’t check them out often ^^

  4. seat says:

    Yeah yeah pixxxxxx pleasssss~~~~~~