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Mission 261 (San Gabriel)

By in 01: San Gabriel

moon.jpgDSC00909.jpg Two days ago was the Chinese Moon Festival. Coincidently I’ve been animating a moon (see pic) for the past few days on a project. We dined at Mission 261 for the first time there with dad (mom is still at Tibet).

DSC00910.jpg Shark Fin Soup $58 Haha when I was eating this I’ve been thinking of Vero’s Anti-Shark Fin soup project (see? it works!). I never have it enough to tell if this is good or not, but it taste good and LOTS of Shark Fins.

DSC00913.jpgDeep-Fried Prawn Balls with Salted Duck Egg Yolk 金沙脆皮蝦球 $23.85 This is simply one of the most yummy things I’ve ever had! So “golden sand” is a fancy term for the texture you feel in your mouth with the crusted Salted duck egg york. The Prawn balls are crisp and lots of subtle flavor that I can’t tell what other stuffs was used.

DSC00915.jpgBraised Spiked Sea Cucumber with Scallion 香蔥醬爆刺參 $23.85 The sauce flavor did not “sank” inside the Sea Cucumber enough. (sorry for the odd expression, I don’t know how to word that).

DSC00917.jpg $23.85 Forgot the name. It has ham, fish.

DSC00918.jpg Free moon cake, Five Mixed Seeds and Bean Paste. I don’t like this flavor at all ever since childhood. It has too much stuffs and odd sweet taste. My favorite kind is the traditional simple White Lotus Seed Paste with Salted Duck Egg Yolk (which we have a box at home)

BTW I read that paper lanterns is back in favor in HK. I remember when I was little, paper lanterns were gradually replaced by cheap ugly plastic ones that makes fancy electronic lights. Traditional paper lanterns were deemed as out-of-fashioned and unsafe (it was scary to carry it around with a candle burnng inside, especially when wind hit). The plastic ones are often shaped in the form of hit cartoon characters, hence more attractive to children. But now there’s a revival of traditional paper lanterns. Now there’s better designs. People bought them mostly for home decorations.

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4 Responses to “Mission 261 (San Gabriel)”

  1. RP says:

    Your mom is in Tibet?? Sorry if you’ve talked about it elsewhere long ago but wow…! I’m impressed. She joined a tour right? Is the main purpose of the trip to visit temples there?

    OTish, Jet Li is selling his $5MM house, rumor has it that he’s going to quit acting, even becomes a monk in Tibet.

  2. tina says:

    wait, is this the same mission 261 you posted before? so you had dim sum and a meal?!! (im a little confuse) yeah, i’ve being a big fan of shark fin soup. not particularly for the shark fin, but the taste of the soup. and the shrimp looks good too.
    never being a big fan of moon cake, simply too sweet!! i usually just dig out the yoke and nibble the paste with lots and lots of chinese tea. as for the lanterns, when i was little, i begged my parents for a long time and they finally brought me a paper one (it was a lot cheaper than the plastic one, around $8 twd . and the plastic ones are about $20+ twd) but as soon as i step outside, the lantern got on fire. . .

    RP, jet li is selling his house? didn’t he live in arcadia? i wonder why ? i thought he was married to an actress and they had a baby girl couple of years ago. i haven’t being following the chinese news for quite some time. . .

  3. RP says:

    Hi Tina: Yeah he lives somewhere north of Arcadia. I don’t follow the Chinese news rigorously either, it’s just that I used to fangirl him during his Wong Fei Hong days (am such a dork). Jet Li is very much into Tibetan Buddhism, and has said to want to focus more on practicing it… so people are wondering if that’s the reason he has not been doing much acting and is now selling the house.

  4. Freda says:

    No Tina, we went back to Mission 261 for dinner on Moon Festival Night! Haha so we went to the same restaurant twice withtin 3 days.

    Yeah I heard about Jet Li rumors of retiring to be a monk too! But news source is from HK media so I’m not sure ^^;;; RP (or was it your mom? or both) met Jet Li at the Focus Plaza, and stopped her car in the middle of the road to stop him and get autograph ^^;; Wild story~ He’s having a movie coming out soon, Unleashed, made by French, Luc Besson (Leon, Le Femme Nikita). I saw its trailer in Shaun of the Dead. Story seems cliche but like Leon and Nikita, this could be very good too!

    My mom went to tibet 2 weeks ago. She phone us saying that she has suffered really badly from altitude illness all the way, pretty bad…. ^^;;