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Schat’s (Mammoth & Bishop)

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DSC09385.jpgI think everyone who’s ever been to Mammoth will pay a visit to Schat’s Bakery. The original shop is at a small town at the bottom of mountain called Bishop, but they opened one up at Mammoth. I heard that in popular times there’re always lines. However when I’m there it was empty. It’s packed with Bakery goodies: cookies, jam, danish, bread, donut, bagel, dried fruits, etc

Mammoth’s (managed by the brother):
Bread Clam Chowder soup!
Got my pear fix: Dried Pear (a bit hard on the edge) and Pear Danish (very yum!). Their dried apple is delicious: airy and cottony, feel so nice~

The original Eric Schat’s Bakery at Bishop, which packed with more stuffs than the Mammoth branch.
A MUST go destination when you leave Mammoth, to bring home some loafs of bread (they only sell loaf size). They hang Dutch wood clogs from the ceilng 😀

I bought a loaf of Chilli Chesse Bread, Olive Bread and bunch of cookies (soooo good!). The Chilli Cheese bread (with jelepino) is so good~ (I don’t have tin foil so it was burnt :(). I assume they do mostly tourists business and their bakeries became almost an attraction.

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3 Responses to “Schat’s (Mammoth & Bishop)”

  1. seat says:

    Schat’s Bakery is famous? Do they have other branches in US?
    The clam chowder looks heaven!! There is eat-in in the shop?

  2. Freda says:

    Schat’s Bakery is famous only because they’re the only bakeries up there at the snow mountain ^^;;; kinda like you can only eat their bread if you visit that area. I don’t think it’s a chain, they’re family managed and there’re only those two. I do wonder about the kind of serving small town mentality when you rather open your own bakery or shops at a ski resort and middle of nowhere village…than at the city… ^^;;;

  3. seat says:

    Maybe it is cheaper to open a shop in the middle of nowhere…? ^^;;