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Hana Pt.3 Blue Pool, Botanical Garden

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Continue from Pt.2, we’re still on our quest to get wet…^^;; What I like about Hana is that there’re many hidden trails and scenary gems. Following the guidebook instructions for an adventurous find are sometimes more fun than the destination. Our next stop is the Blue Pool. We had to drive the dirt road into the forest…
Picture 069.jpgbluepond.jpg
I love the hike in the forest, many exotic plants
Picture 066.jpgbluepool2.jpg
Along the journey, there were many many MANY warning signs against you venturing further. Some serious, some prankish looking. We almost get fool by this one huge official looking banner hanged across the trees that saids “Blue Pool Closed.” Seems like the Blue Pool has a deep cultural and spiritual value to the natives, they dislike tourists to disturb it.

Out of the forest is the shore! There was a beautiful waterfall and pool here but it’s not the Blue Pool yet. The current washed up many guava. To reach the blue pool, we had to climb these rocks…
Finally! The Blue Pool! It’s so pretty, but the usually heavy waterfall is rather dried.
The water is cool, not too deep~ Yay finally our quest is over!

We visited the Maui National Botanical garden, inside there’s the restoration of an ancient temple from 13th century, Pi’ilanihale Heiau temple. As we’re forbidden to climb it, to us it’s just bunch of rock steps. The ariel view seems to be far more interesting.
Strange phallic looking ‘tools’…^^;;
honorsystem.jpgAlong the roadside of Hana you’d see these unattended fruit stands all over. We stopped for this one hoping to get a coconut drink. Since no one is watching, the business is dealt based on ‘honored system’: as an honest person you just leave the exact amount of money in the cash box and take your purchase. This is quite a wonder for a city girl like me. The fruits have flies crawled all over so we didn’t dare to get.

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3 Responses to “Hana Pt.3 Blue Pool, Botanical Garden”

  1. seat says:

    The rocks look slippery and scary to climb. Did you eat the guava?
    The no entry sign is funny!
    The botanic garden has no flowers…? ^^;;

  2. Freda says:

    Didn’t dare to eat the guava~ ^^;;
    Yeah I didn’t see much flowers at the botanic garden, season’s not right?

  3. tomoko says:

    the stone thing looks like a
    cute cell phone and its stand!
    anyway, lovely pics!:D