August 1, 2004 6

O-Bar (West Hollywood)

By in 09: Weho

DSC00086.JPGWent to the O-Bar at West Hollywood on Thursday to celebrate a friend’s belated birthday. It was between either the O-Bar or this other Spanish restaurant, however…

because claims O-Bar is famous for handsome waiters and A-List Gays customers (as in top-class hot gays? Alpha-male?), so our shallowness gave in. But when we were there, we were disappointed…. Yeah most are tall, buff, good-looking, but most are too clean-cut jock type (errr…) There was this artsy thin-steel grass installation on top of the bar area, and the bartender had to get martini glasses up there (glasses that stuck inbetween the steel bars) so they made lots of noises. It looked so dangerous…the bartender’s hand were shaking and struggling. The ambience was nice but a little too dark. Food’s great (Joan had a Lobster macaroni, never realize how yummy macaroni could be). When the bill came it was $110+ (party of four), my GOD~~! The drinks must have been $20+ each. Well both Joan and I felt very ignored there as 95% were gays. However I could see how high “quality” the customers there are, no wonder there’re much pressure and obsession with youth and beauty in gay culture…because it’s just so competitive.

PIC: From a furniture store right next to the O-Bar, who on earth would buy such statue???? 😉

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6 Responses to “O-Bar (West Hollywood)”

  1. seat says:

    The bar looks so cool~~~I want to go too~~~
    Hey, $30 for each person including drinks is incredibly cheap compared to Japan~~~~You ate Lobster!! (^^;)

  2. Freda says:

    Argh it must Joan, whose lobster was $25+, so added her drink, it’s almost $50~ I ordered the cheapest item on menu: the most plain salad ever. Coz I knew we have to pay for the birthday person ^^;;

  3. seat says:

    You mean you paid exactly what you had ordered, not just dividing the bill??

  4. Joan says:

    That’s kind of a Japan way isn’t it?
    Usually people pay the amount of the stuffs they order in the US.

  5. seat says:

    That’s very Japanese but I thought it was not common in U.S. ^^;;
    You know the mailing list I joined, it is just dividing the bill equally. So if you don’t drink so much alcohol or eat very little, it is very unfair. Well, everyone in the ML eats a lot though.
    (Hey, I can’t post if I don’t fill in the email address too??)

  6. Freda says:

    *gulp* that sounds scary, evenly-splitting-bills among bunch of EATING FREAK! ^^;;;, (Oh I didn’t know I can turn off the require-email option, now it should work without email.)