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The Kitchen (Valley)

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Read a review on a new Dim Sum place The Kitchen on last week issue of LA weekly. Of course we had to check it out right away.

Turnip pastry is great! I’ve haven’t seen this dim sum item at other dim sum joint. Marinated fish jelly and pork, the sauce on the jelly fish is sweeter than ones I usually have and I love it.

Macau Baked EggTart, the top is not as burnt as I like, but the crust is fresh and crispy. Mushroom Shiu Mai with Abalone, a creative gourmet take on the traditional shiu mai, very good!

The skin of steamed Shrimp Dumplings is really nice. They’re thin, soft yet springy. Color is translucent, which is a good indication of what good shrimp dumplings should look like. XO Sauce Turnip Cake, they don’t offer the traditional pan-friend turnip cake (one of my most favorite dim-sum item). This is their take on pan fried turnip cakes with xo sauce which is delicious. But I still crave for the traditional kind more.

Country Style Tofu with Shrimp, chinese name for that type of tofu is 玉子, it’s a special type of tofu that’s incredible smooth and soft while the textxure is firm and springy at the same time. The shrimp cake on top of the tofu is delicious as well. Definitely a highlight of the bunch. The Stuffed Taro is rather bland tasting and too oily though.

Sweet Ricejongs with Abalone (chinese name is “Pearl chicken”) reminds me New concept‘s but I think The Kitchen‘s are better. There’re more abalone pieces too. The Scallops Rice Noodle Roll got good soft and springy skin, another good indication of “good dim sum”.

Overall I’m very impressed with this new dim sum joint. One unusual thing about this place compare with most Chinese restaurant is that, it heavily show case the chef/owner behind it.

The Kitchen
203 W. Valley Blvd., Alhambra
(626) 289-4828.

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2 Responses to “The Kitchen (Valley)”

  1. seat says:

    Very curious about Country Style Tofu with Shrimp~. The incredibly soft and smooth tofu could be that particular kind Japanese tofu? You know the yellow-ish one.

  2. Freda says:

    Checking wiki abit, seems like 玉子豆腐 is the Japanese name for “egg tofu” in Japan (well obviously ^^;;). The texture is so addictive~