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January 12, 2006 2

Petite Abeille (NYC: Chelsea)

By in 03: NYC

I heard that there was a Belgian food boom in NYC awhile back but it has faded. I first walked by Petite Abeille at night and saw all those TinTin characters on the wall! *O*!!! This is ten blocks from office but we still walked. However the menu in the Chelsea’s branch is very minimal […]


December 21, 2005 2

Cafe de Bruxelles (NYC: Greenwich Village)

By in 03: NYC

By the time I went to the Greenwich Village it’s already nightime and I got lost. And it started snowing! O,o;;; I dashed into the first bookstore I saw and got a Michelin guidebook for maps. I also checked out its restaurant guide and found this Belgian bistro. Belgian beer. Raw oyster…how can I resist? […]

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