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October 6, 2009 4

Nom Nom

By in 21: Food truck

Yesterday Jon tipped me that Nom Nom truck would be at my office’s neighbourhood during lunch time. Nom Nom is a food truck that does banh mi (Vietnamese sandwich, one of the most delicious things in the world), but they also serve Vietnamese tacos. Like fellow popular food trucks Kogi and Marked 5, you can […]

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June 17, 2009 6

Good Girl Dinette (Highland Park)

By in 20: Highland Park, Favorite Food Entries

A friend who lived at Mt. Washington told me about this joint Good Girl Dinette and recommended me their beef stew. I checked out their website and it says “Vietnamese Comfort Food meets American diner.” Wow what a fun concept! I immediately got a group of foodie friends and set out. The design-y space sticks […]

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May 21, 2009 6

Nem Nu’ong Ninh Hoa (Rosemead)

By in 01: San Gabriel, Favorite Food Entries

Nem Nu’ong Ninh Hoa is a Vietnamese restaurant that specializes in grilled pork and banh beo. I was glad to find a Vietnamese restaurant in the San Gabriel Valley area that offers more than just pho. In fact don’t expect to find pho here as there’s only one noodle dish on the menu. We ordered […]


February 6, 2009 1

Vietnam Restaurant (San Gabriel)

By in 01: San Gabriel

I heard about Bò 7 món (7 courses of Beef) in Vietnamese cuisine and I’ve always wanted to try it. Instead of driving all the way to Little Saigon, I found that Vietnam Restaurants at SGV serves it. This place is owned by the son of the ever popular Golden Deli (my favorite) and its […]


December 4, 2008 16

Dinh Thieng (Little Saigon)

By in 18: Greater LA, Favorite Food Entries

Food adventure time! A group of us ventured out to Little Saigon for Vietnamese pub food (Quán Nhau). Dinh Thieng is located at a mall. After 9pm, the lights inside would dim down with disco ball lights spinning and girls performing karaoke on stage. The clientele made up mostly of men, many were smoking inside. […]

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