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Vietnam Restaurant (San Gabriel)

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I heard about 7 món (7 courses of Beef) in Vietnamese cuisine and I’ve always wanted to try it. Instead of driving all the way to Little Saigon, I found that Vietnam Restaurants at SGV serves it. This place is owned by the son of the ever popular Golden Deli (my favorite) and its sister restaurant Saigon Flavors (my other favorite).

One order of 7 courses of beef ($13) is enough for 2 people. We had four people in our group so these photos were of two orders.


1. Beef Dip in Vinegar Broth. The vinegar broth took forever to boil and it’s strong. Perhaps we overcooked it a bit but the beef was a bit tough. As Vietnamese dining experience always goes there’s the DIY plate of vegetables, pickled carrot and cucumber for you to make a wrap with. The circular ‘disc’ is thin rice wrap which you dip in a bowl of hot water to soften. There is also a jar of pineapple fish sauce for garnish.


2. Beef Salad Flavorful and one of my top favorites (wish the whole dish is mine alone).

3. Porridage Beef another of my favorite of the seven. It’s very tasty (limey, beefy broth) though not as meaty as I expected.


A giant mixed plate of the following (don’t know which is which): 4. Charbroiled Beef in Aromatic Lot Leaf 5. Grilled Beef Steak, 6. Sate Beef with Sate Sauce and 7. Baked Ground Beef. I like the giant meat ball and the one wrapped in leaf. These are the meaty, flavorful and heavy items that balance well with the vegetable and garnish.

I wonder if their pho and bun are same quality as GD and SF. Now I’m curious about other Vietnamesee restaurant’s 7 món.

Vietnam Restaurant
340 W Las Tunas Dr. San Gabriel, CA 91776

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  1. Jean says:

    Just tried Bò 7 món with friends earlier tonight after reading your entry on Vietnam Restaurant. Thanks for the recommendation, it was yummy and a lot of fun to eat 🙂 I love your food blog, great design and great eye candies 😛