FORTNUM & MASON@Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi (フォートナム・アンド・メイソン@日本橋三越)

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050921 046.jpgプチケーキ2個(アールグレイのババロアとチーズケーキ)、と紅茶のセット、1400円。
2 small cakes(Earl Grey bavarois and cheese cake) and tea set, 1400yen. Very good!

4 thoughts on “FORTNUM & MASON@Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi (フォートナム・アンド・メイソン@日本橋三越)

  1. whoa cake diet? 2 cake place in a roll ^^;;
    In a cake place I normally won’t choose cheesecake because it appears plain, but when it’s good it’s REALLY I’d think “but sometimes simple is best”…ahh dilemma~~ ^^lll

  2. I had them on the same day too…err…
    I went with a friend, so we shared everything. She chose all the cheese cake…I too always go for good looks! ^^;;; But the cheese cakes were really really nice so it was good choice.

    Yeah, the famous Fortnum & Mason. It has a bakery(the bread is good too, though a bit $$) and a cafe in 日本橋三越. The cake set is actually quite value cos you get to choose tea that costs 12xx yen on its own, so plus 200yen you get a cake set! Nice enviroment too – posh-ish.

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