CHIANTI (キャンティ@笹塚)

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Caribbean salad. The salad dressing in this restaurant is supposed to be very famous. Forgot to take picture of it but a very big bottle of dressing for you to add freely. Very nice garlic flavour, healthy-tasting that you can add a lot without feeling salty or oily.
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Soft-shell crab Italian crepe roll. Two kind of sauces, one is mayonnaise-based, the other is like Peking duck sauce…the whole process of wrapping felt like eating Peking duck too. Charcoal-grilled lamb sparerib, juicy but very salty.
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いかすみスープのスパゲッティ。ゴルゴンゾーラクリーム ニョッキ。
Squid ink soup spaghetti – this is no good. Gnocchi with gorgonzola cream sauce – gnocchi is nice but sauce extremely salty.
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Seems like a family restaurant type of hangout place for the locals. Casual, cheap, big portion, taste-wise a bit on the strong and salty side.