CHIANTI (キャンティ@笹塚)

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Caribbean salad. The salad dressing in this restaurant is supposed to be very famous. Forgot to take picture of it but a very big bottle of dressing for you to add freely. Very nice garlic flavour, healthy-tasting that you can add a lot without feeling salty or oily.
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Soft-shell crab Italian crepe roll. Two kind of sauces, one is mayonnaise-based, the other is like Peking duck sauce…the whole process of wrapping felt like eating Peking duck too. Charcoal-grilled lamb sparerib, juicy but very salty.
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いかすみスープのスパゲッティ。ゴルゴンゾーラクリーム ニョッキ。
Squid ink soup spaghetti – this is no good. Gnocchi with gorgonzola cream sauce – gnocchi is nice but sauce extremely salty.
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Seems like a family restaurant type of hangout place for the locals. Casual, cheap, big portion, taste-wise a bit on the strong and salty side.

creek@Machiya (クリーク@町屋)

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This is definitely one of the best meals I have had recently!
Fruity easy-to-drink Belgum beer. Liver pate(smooth and sweet), mushroom and escargot(amazingly yummy butter and garlic sauce), veggy with avocado and egg(nice anchovy cream sauce), tomato and veggy pizza with chestnuts(thin type pizza, v. gd!), gnocchi with gorgonzola cheese sauce(chewy and elastic gnocchi!), sea urchin pasta, roasted chicken(really juicy!), chestnut risotto(can die for!), and all the desserts probably look normal but they are amazingly good! And each person only pays 4700yen – too good to be true~ The location is not so convenient but definitely worth the trip.
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温野菜とアボガドと自家製燻製卵のサラダ アンチョビバターソース。
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Add: 8F, 7-22-6 Arakawa, Arakawa-ku
Tel: 03-3801-2782