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Bar Hayama (Sawtelle)

By in 12: Sawtelle

DSC04148.jpgBar Hayama is a new Japanese restaurant and sake bar on Sawtelle located at the old location of Sasabune. The “bar” of Bar Hayama refers to their extensive sake bar and the sushi bar. Though their menu also offers traditional Japanese dishes (some are french-inspired?) and even microbiotic ones. There’s a courtyard with a hypnotic fire pit, very cozy.

I’ve been there twice so far. The first time we sat at the sake bar and got what they call a flight, a trio of sake chosen based on themes and taste. I got the Muse and Freda got the Petal (sake with flowery names and flavor). You can taste the wide range in flavor and aroma different sakes have. Chawanmushi, a today’s special. Very smooth and flavorful, though portion is quite small.

Wagyu beef sashimi, very very good. The meat melt into your mouth. The texture felt almost like eating a creamy cheese or butter. It’s quite pricey ($25) but I think they’re worth it. The monkfish liver pate with Ankino Pate is alright and goes well with strawberries. Both of these dishes are on “Today’s special” only.

Crab Cake, very good. The Uni, kanpachi and yellowtail sushi are really good and fresh. Clearly the sushi is the star of Bar Hayama.

Dessert: crepe and Chocolate souffle, both good.

We went back to try their main dishes. Stonefish miso soup is good though a bit too salty. And we’re told that we got the last bit of the soup which explains the fish meats with bones which make it difficult to eat. My friend got the Grilled Seabass with miso sauce. She find the portion is a tad bit small, especially for price of $28. The sauce is a bit too salty as well. Perhaps the saltiness are meant for pairing with wine/sake? I’m not too sure.
I got the Bento Box ($35) which is a better deal than the Seabass. Just for a few dollars more you get a lot more stuffs. And we prefer the grilled fish in this dish too.

The restaurant gave us a free desert for our birthday friend. 😀 Peach Melba, peaches with strawberry sauce and ice cream.

Overall I recommend Bar Hayama for the sushi and sake, but a bit pricey overall. If you see Wagyu beef sashimi on the special don’t miss it! I heard good things about their microbiotic dishes too, I’ll give them a try next time.

Bar Hayama
1803 Sawtelle Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025

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4 Responses to “Bar Hayama (Sawtelle)”

  1. anonymous says:

    fish and wagyu sashimi! looks like the good stuff but that is really pricy~~ if $$ was no object I would go there in a heart beat (ankimo/uni/wagyu)

  2. seat says:

    Wow ankimo pate! Actually I am not a big fan of beef sashimi…I think it tastes so much better with the surface lightly grilled and the juice coming out. ^^;; So weird to see crab cake and sushi side by side!!

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  4. Freda says:

    anonymous: there’s no guarantee they’d have ankimo/wagyu every night, unfortunately. My friend had been here before and the bill adds up to $300 for having just wine.

    Seat: Me too, raw beef that taste like silk…but the cooked beef’s flavor and aroma is what’s appealing ^^;; need a combine of that.