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Dark Chocolates

By in 18: Greater LA

DSC02501.jpgDSC02503.jpgDSC03032.jpgDSC03034.jpgThere’s an advantage (or disadvantage) to work dangerously close to Abbot Kinney, where import gourmet markets are in abundance: you have easy access to fine exotic chocolate bars from the world. It’s probably one reason why I’m feeling more and more bloated. ^^;; I’m a dark chocolate addict. The Earl Grey one is very luxury packed with paper within plastic cover. Although it has very strong tea flavor but doesn’t mean it taste good, because it was just pure bitterness (not in a rich way) with the tea leaves too powdery like charcoal residue. The Columbian is STRONG. The bitterness lingers on within your mouth for quite a long time with subtlety, very nice! The Mexican Chipotle is my favorite, not too spicy with many subtle aroma (unlike another brand I tried not in pic, too assulting). The Dagoba is quite alright.

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