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KTCHN 105 (downtown)

By in 06: Downtown LA

KTCHN 105KTCHN 105 is hidden inside a residential loft at the heart of the produce district in downtown LA. It’s a “private kitchen” that serves dinner once a week and brunch on Sundays. I first learned about KTCHN 105 from work as we rented the space for a project late last year. It’s a private dining experience at a the chef’s loft and you can take cooking classes there as well. The man behind this interesting operation is chef Felix G Barron. He did catering at my company’s Christmas party last year and the food was wonderful. KTCHN 105 was closed for the holiday and finally reopened late last month for brunch!


I love the interior space, miminal but cozy. It’s really a restaurant inside someone’s home (the bed is behind the paper tubes). There’s a nice outdoor patio next to the loft where brunch is usually serves. Unfortunately it was a rainy day.


The menu changes every time. We shared a starter: Basil Cured Salmon Lox with Honey mustard, basil remoulade, red onion, dice egg, chives and toast baguette.  The salmon was fresh,

KTCHN 105IMG_1156
Strong coffee (refilled nonstop) and homemade brioche and jam.


Corn Meal Waffle Pear BLT
After reading the description I knew I had to try this. Instead of bread it’s corn waffles which was very good. In between there’s bacon, tomato, smoked gouda, fresh herb salad and roasted corn mayo served over a caramelized onion and pear maple syrup. Every bite is  mouthful of different flavors and textures. I love the onion and pear maple syrup a lot.


Left: Homemade corned beef fennel potato hash with a habanero scramble and a scallion remoulade. Right: Sun dried tomato scramble with caramelized onions, scallions and smoked gouda, home fries. Both are hearty, fresh and flavorful.

KTCHN 105We were too full to have dessert, which is a pity because they sounded great. The bill came with these homemade cookies. Overall it was a great experience. Menu was interesting, the food was fresh and fantastic. I love that it’s “hidden” and the space felt homey.

Apparently the weekly dinner is going to start soon! You can make reservation online. They’ll confirmed it through email and once you get there, give them a call and they’ll open the gate to let you into the loft complex.

In case anyone is interested, the project we shot at KTCHN 105 is for the opening sequence of a certain food show on Travel Channel (hint:  it’s NOT my favorite show Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservation unfortunately…), and I can be seen in the sequence as the blurry girl in green :).

1250 Long Beach Ave #105, Los Angeles CA 90021

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4 Responses to “KTCHN 105 (downtown)”

  1. Kin says:

    Looks very interesting ! How much was your bill?

  2. stuffycheaks says:

    oh nice! Looks great. been waiting for them to start service again.

  3. Joan says:

    Kin: it’s very reasonably priced. Everything cost between $8-12.

    Stuffycheaks: yes I can’t wait to try their dinner!

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