November 5, 2005 2

Alessi Ristorante & Bar (Melrose)

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One of those rare time in which many of the co-workers can afford to take a long lunch together! So nine of us went to this Italian place that’s known for their homemade food and good pizzas. We ordered a plate of Calamari and 2 plates of family-size Spinach Salad to share. The calamari are too smalls, but the Spinach Salad is great, can’t get enough of it.

Their Pizzas are the thin crust type. Mushroom and ham pizza. I got the Lasagna and it’s gotta be the best Lasagna I’ve ever had. Usually I found Italian food too heavy (especially something like Lasagna) but this is not the case at all. The sauce is yummy!

Fish, manicotti, Italian sausage and ham pizza.
I didn’t pay attention, but the fried egg on pizza is very interesting! Getting Steak at an Italian/pizza place is a rather strange choice ^^;; And for some reason the owner gave us free red wine (because we’re such a big group?)

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2 Responses to “Alessi Ristorante & Bar (Melrose)”

  1. seat says:

    The food looks very basic? The pasta are all in tomato sauce! The fish is in a really strange shape~~ ^^;;

  2. Joan says:

    haha I know they look very normal and basic, as most Italian food are. But they do end up tasting better than I thought they would be. That’s the thing with Italian food, the way they look usually don’t make me crave them at all…and most of the time they tasted bland and predictable. so this place is a pleasant surprise.