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Hot Doug’s (Chicago)

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My last entry on Chicago will be on the dog. While I did tried the classic Chicago dog at the train station (which I enjoyed), the experienced of getting to Hot Doug’s makes a more interesting story.

Hot Doug'sHot Doug's

I first heard of the place from Anthony Bourdain’s episode, as the Foie Gras dog place. It is also notorious for odd operating hours and holidays. We almost missed it as it’s closed for a week. Thanks to a schedule change we were able to make it there before our flight. However, a frightening fierce storm strike that morning. My BF reassured me that usually storm in the midwest comes and go. The weather did cleared out as it get close to their opening time, lucky!

The line is LONG. But the wait was fun as I’m excited by the bright colors indoors.

Hot Doug's
Hot Doug's

The interior is a total sausage hotdog fantasy land. It’s decorated with sausage themed plates, dolls, figures, posters and more. Tt’s a mini Hot dog theme park. The menu is named after musicians but the true highlights is their mouth watering gourmet special menu, where there’s game of the week.

Hot Doug'sHot Doug's

Sadly, the Duck Fat Fries is Friday and Saturady only (they really meant it).

tHot Doug's

Despite all the interesting ones, I decided to go for the famous Foie Gras dog. Foie Gras and Sauternes Duck Sausage with Truffle Aioli, Foie Gras Mousse and Fleur de Sel $9.00 When Chicago banned Foie Gras a few years ago, the owner would pay fine and kept it on the menu. The duck sausages is very juicy and tasty and the Foie Gras are silky and smooth. The flavors all worked very well together, it’s heaven! Though I wished the bun is grilled a bit.

Hot Doug's

Red Wine and Demi Glace Venison Sausage with Cherry Pepper Mustard and Smoked Gouda Cheese $7. Delicious!!! More tasty than the Foie gras one actually, the smokey cheese, sweet mustard and sausage makes the best combination.

Hot Doug's

Even though it’s not duck fat fries, the regular fries are really good already. Crunchy, crispy, not greasy and easy to eat, I wished I ordered more.

Hot Doug's

Awesome sausage parodied paintings on the bathroom walls! The men’s bathroom features a Magritte parody. After Hot Doug’s, I don’t think I can go back for Wurstkuche ‘s hot dog (where I’m always annoyed by the disproportional sausage and bun).  Hot Doug’s is definitely a must go institution for foodies visiting Chicago.

Hot Doug’s
3324 North California, Chicago, IL 60618

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