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Dai Ho (Temple city)

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Back from hiatus! We have so many food entries back up for months and have been quite overwhelmed with updating them all. So let me take the first step now and get back right into it.

These days, more and more Japanese ramen shops are popping up faster than I have time to go try them. It’s definitely a good trend for ramen lovers in LA. However, I think for a satisfying bowl of noodle, Taiwanese style beef noodle soup are horribly underated. For those who haven’t try it, I urged you to give it a try at Dai Ho. Dai Ho is a little restaurant in Temple City that’s known for their signature Beef Noodle and small marinated and pickled dishes. It gets crowded at lunch time and they only operate from 11 am to 3 pm.

Dai ho beef noodle
Dai Ho’s Beef noodle is easily THE Best in Los Angeles.  The rich beef stew broth was fantastic. I could taste a bit of tomato in the broth as well, which gave it a nice touch of sour and sweetness. The spiciness is just right for me and the beef was flavorful and oh so tender. I personally wish there’re more tendon in it. The noodle is great too.

There’s not a lot of choices on the menu as getting the beef noodle is a no brainer, however they do have few other choices. I hear good things about them but have yet to try them. The side dishes we got were good too.

At $9 a bowl, the beef noodle quite pricey for San Gabriel Valley Chinese restaurant standard, however if most ramen charge $9-12 a bowl, why not a great bowl of beef noodle?

Dai ho Restaurant
9148 Las Tunas Dr, Temple City, CA 91780

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