February 6, 2006 8

Porta Via (Beverly Hills)

By in 10: Beverly Hills

DSC08932.jpgRandomly went into this bistro for brunch after we found out the tea leaf shop we intended to go to don’t open on Sunday. Despite its location at Beverly Hills, the place is causal and not overpriced. And the food is fantastic! Poached egg with prosuitto and argula, very delicous. I got the two two two: you choose how you want the two eggs to be cooked, two pancakes (I chose the banana choclate) and two pieces of meat (I chose turkey maple sausage). Everything tasted fresh and very yummy. Love the poster on the wall that’s reflect in the mirror. 😀 Definitely a place to go back to for breakfast, not so sure about their lunch/dinner though.

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8 Responses to “Porta Via (Beverly Hills)”

  1. seat says:

    I love the idea of two two two!! ^^;;;
    This type of food is something that never appears in my blog…I want to eat!!!!

    btw, I just “re-discovered” two songs in my ipod….the remake of “In a manner of speaking” by Martin Gore, and “Life in mono” by Mono….they are so fantastic!! But I have never heard these two songs before yet they are in my itune!! ^^;;

  2. Freda says:

    Because you’d never get up early enough for breakfast or…? ^^;;;
    Yeah those 2 songs I think are among the mix mp3s I threw in when I upload on your server haha~~ I left my iPod cable (to mac) at home…so I haven’t had chance to organize my ipod for more than a month (I didn’t bring it to NY). Now I’m feeling anxious…

  3. Freda says:

    oh this place is about 10 min local drive from my place. I’ve been checking around for breakfast place close enough so I get ‘motivate’ to get up earlier on weekends. ^^;; There doesn’t seem like much breakfast place in koreatown though, in fact it’s the opposite, it’s such a night-time city filled with bars, clubs and dinner only restaurants…^^;;

  4. RP says:

    Oh so you are looking for breakfast places?
    Though you might not find the pricing reasonable for breakfast 🙂

  5. Joan says:

    Hey the price is not so bad, especially if it’s good. Have you try it? Maison Akira’s breakfast is like $30-40 (which I bet must be good).

  6. seat says:

    $30-40 for a breakfast!! What, omelette with caviar?? You should definitely try cos I am curious. ^^;;

    Yeah I can’t wake up early enough for breakfast…but then lunch has more choices of restaurants to go to!

    Thing with ipod is, the library is too big to browse that non-album songs become lost…

  7. Freda says:

    GAH the deluxe morning set is so tempting…but sooo $$$ O_o;;;;

    Yeah that’s why creating “Playlist” is important, to organize those little left alone songs. ^^;; I had playlist based on genre (glam rock, punk, bossa nova) and also just based on something like… I have a Playlist called “Cafe Apres Midi” (^^:;) which music that feel afternoon tea/cafe-ish, I also have a night lounge one, a ‘happy life’ list (basically bunch of happy, upbeat cute songs), oh I have a ‘Doll” list too which are for gothic lolita type…I could spell HOURS and HOURS organizing Playlists. ^^;;

  8. seat says:

    You have so many playlists…I should have guessed! ^^;;
    I only have like “My rating 5 stars”, “My rating 3 stars”, “Recently added”…that’s all. ^^;;;
    I am now starting to categorize all the 1-song into an album “Misc” so I won’t miss them.
    More itune/ipod talks…I often use the shuffle, but I think it doesn’t work so well cos it isn’t really that random – some songs come up all the time while some never get played. If you list the songs by “time”, it is fairly random…quite convenient at work cos you can just let it play forever. ^^;;