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Tiki-ti (Sunset Blvd.)

By in 05: Silver Lake + Echo Park

We have a new entry by guest writer Jon:
Tiki-ti is a unique little bar for a couple of reasons. 1) It was founded by the current owner’s father not long after prohibition ended and was reportedly where the Mai Tai was first invented. 2) It is one of the few bars in LA where you can smoke legal, if you are so inclined — everyone who works there is on the lease. And 3) it has to be the only place in LA serving up a drink called “Skip and Go Naked.” This place is something of a legend and deservedly so. It’s crammed full of the most tikis this side of a Brady Bunch special and the drink menu is longer than my arm. It’s packed full cocktails with names like “Skull & Bones”, “Painkiller”, and “Ray’s Mistake.” The drinks ain’t cheap, $9-$13 mostly – but trust me, you only need one drink. Joan got a beverage called Bonnie and Clyde – Rum, Dark Rum, Gin and juice. I got The Missionary’s Downfall, which I ordered entirely based on the name. It was sort of like a mojito – a glass, some rum, and a bushel of mint. Of the two, I liked Joan’s better. But I’m eager go back and sample “Ray’s Mistake.”

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