Rotisserie L’ecrin (ロテスリー・レカン)

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1005 007.jpgイチジクのパン、カボチャスープ、ローストチキン、デザートの盛り合わせ、コーヒー(おかわりできる)、2090円。
2090yen lunch course includes fig bread, pumpkin soup, roasted chicken, dessert and coffee. Pretty good! Big portion too.
Rotisserie L’ecrin

6 thoughts on “Rotisserie L’ecrin (ロテスリー・レカン)

  1. How come so many pumpkin soup (or pumpkin related things)? Because holloween is near? ^^;;

  2. Cheap lunch course always comes with pumpkin or potato soup. Maybe more pumpkin now cos it is the season(autumn)? Dunno…

  3. what is the red topping desert? the color looks really intense! and i hate it when they mix salad and the main course on the same plate. it mess up the taste and looks messy. but the chicken sure looks good.

  4. Oh the red thing is framboise(raspberry) sorbet. Yeah me too, don’t like those “one plate lunch” where they put everything in the same plate.

  5. oh, it’s sorbet. i thought it’s some kinda cream since they spooned into that shape… i don’t like food with fake food color. it leaves a bitter after taste in my mouth afterwards.

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