Restaurant Petrus@Island Shangri-La Hotel

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Pan-fried duck liver with shallots confit and roasted apples, Port wine reduction.
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Roast rack of lamb served with ratatouille and natural jus with sweet basil. Chestnut cake.
1229 018.jpgランチコース、ワイン一杯とコーヒーもついて、3800円ぐらい。So-so service-wise, just okay taste-wise.

7 thoughts on “Restaurant Petrus@Island Shangri-La Hotel

  1. Is this the same restaurant you went to before at Shangri-La Hotel? The food looks good! So are there any good fancy French restaurant that’s not in a hotel in HK?

  2. The bread basket looks good, so “assorted” with different types. Look high-class~ The dessert looked so-so… (cake so not decorated ^^;;)

  3. Oh it is different Shangri-La, the one I went before was in Tsim Sha Tsui in Kowloon, this one is near Central in HK Island. The food looks good but tasted only so-so…I am still trying to find good French restaurants that are not in hotels…going to hotels for food really feels like tourists. But French/Italian food in HK is still very minor, needs more time to search and try…

  4. Hey Happy New year!!!! (still one more day over here). So the food in Tsim Sha Tsui’s Shangri-La is better ^^ It’s strange that in HK I was brought up to know these “fancy” restaurants in xxxx hotels that local people go to. And when I go travel and stayed in hotel, I would wonder how odd it is to for locals to come in eat at hotel’s restaurant (of coures that’s because I went to China where local and tourists have a quite a huge economic class difference) ^^;;;

  5. Happy New Year to you too!! What did you do??
    I went out for Thai food and then saw an “experimental” musical which was kinda too artsy-fartsy for me and then had cake and coffee with friends til really late. Never really like the idea of going for countdown but somewhere on my way home I was trapped in the countdown area which I couldn’t get out!! So I ended up joining the countdown crowd and had huge problem going home afterwards. Picked up 3 Japanese girls tourists who were surrounded by police officers trying to chicken-talk-to-duck to each other, apparently they didn’t know how to go back to their hotel, luckily the hotel is near where I live so I took them to take taxi home together. Not exactly exciting NY’s eve but slightly more eventful than Christmas eve when I stayed at home and watched TV and ate 車仔麺, haha~~~

  6. Your new year’s eve IS nice and eventful~~ helping out tourist and all ^^;;; Read news that HK is very cold this year, well not as cold compare to Tokyo I guess? What’s the arty farty musical about, why did you go see it in the first place?
    My NY eve are more or less like your x’mas eve haha, clean house (our room is now 80% done packing), dinner out with family, watch ‘red white show’ (as usual, lots of embarassingly bad current acts, singers who can’t sing shit…

  7. Yeah, heard it snowed in Tokyo, HK is nowhere near as cold, but not having a heater can make even 7-8 degrees very unbearable~~~~The artsy-fartsy show is about err….opium addicts in old Shanghai…I think. ^^;;;; My friend’s friend is involved in that show so I just tagged along.
    Oh red-white of course! ^^;;; I think they invited that super popular Korean actor but he refused to attend – smart move cos he can’t sing and he can’t talk so there is not much point for him to be there except looking awkward and out of place.
    How did you celebrate your mom’s birthday? Cooking for her? ^^;;; What did you get her? You guys are so sweet~~ My family doesn’t really celebrate birthday~~

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