5 thoughts on “montoak(モントーク)

  1. my god LOVE the chocolate and strawberry terrine! since little…I have this strange fascination with things slice up and seeing inside (that’re also sliced up) ^^;;; It looked so cute. Is it uncommon to have open air patio seats in Japan cafe?

  2. nice place~~ it’s weird that for some reason I’ve never eat at any of the restaurant on Omotesando when I was in Japan. hmm….

  3. From your blog it seems to me that open cafes are more common in LA! But there are some in Tokyo thank god.

    There aren’t any good restaurants “along” omotesando that I know of. Good ones are those hidden in little alleys. In fact, I think we did go to quite a few places a little off omotesando…e.g. Italian, second floor, over-looking the street…ring any bells? ^^;;

  4. hmm…(thinking really hard)…I don’t remember that italian place ^^;;;; I remember the places at “inside-Harajuku” though, like that porriedge place!!

  5. Haha, probably because I did research on the restaurants so I can remember better. Should have bought my digital camera earlier though!! Oh yeah, the porridge place!!

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