Konigs Krone (ケーニヒス クローネ)

0724 023.jpgシュークリーム from 池袋東武。

7 thoughts on “Konigs Krone (ケーニヒス クローネ)

  1. A dutch guy in my office was leaving for good so I bought a big box and ate with everyone. So funny, we discovered that one of my colleagues can do 書道 and we translated the dutch guy’s name – which is “Tom Y’a~n-se_n” – to 漢字 like 「登夢山仙」 and made my colleague write that properly, with old calendar date etc., and took lots of pictures with the Dutch guy holding his weird Japanese name. It is one of those typical “let’s cultural exchange and have fun” kinda things that asian people do with westerners, you know. I have done it too much to NOT look at the whole thing cynically but it was fun too, haha. ^^;;;

  2. wow you’re so nice to buy cream puffs for everyone!
    did your colleages bring stuff too?

  3. Of course not!! ^^;;
    There was a farewell party in a okinawa restaurant the day before with my boss and the whole work group already. But thought a small cream puff tea break would be nice in our office.

  4. yeah those culture exchange cliche, like teaching westerner friends to swear in Chinese/Korean, translate name in Chinese character, etc. (always fun ^^;;)

  5. haha the name is funny, sound like it can be a bad magical person/fairy’s name in wu-sha story ^^;;;; (a gay one too!!)

  6. Hahahaha, I was suggesting to swap the order of the characters to 登山夢仙, makes more sense and sound more stupid! ^^;;;

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