3 thoughts on “彩蕎庵 吉遊 (Saikyouan Kichiyou)

  1. The tofu looks good~~ What’s that thing (mushroom) on top of ikura? How many people share this course or just you alone ^^;;

  2. The pink stuffs in the icecream is red bean? The dishes seem small, so 5000 is a bit…excessive!? ^^;;

  3. I actually don’t know what the stuff is on the wooden spoon, some veggy in very thick miso…All the stuff in the pictures are included in the dinner course for one person but it is not that much yo. Japanese course seldom fills me. But the soba is big(and you can ask for more FOC, though I didn’t) so I got full. Yeah red bean, in yomogi(herb?) ice-cream. The course is originally 5000yen, but I printed out a coupon and got a discount so it became 4000yen per person. I certainly expected more food you know! Maybe grilled fish or something. The green beans look big but you just eat the beans inside – they are so tasteless I hate them. And the two dishes after the beans were so cold and felt more like appetizer than main….can’t say it was satisfactory!

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