6 thoughts on “餃子専門 東亭 (Azuma-tei)

  1. It is a shame the service was no good in this place. There were emtpy seats here and there, and I was standing at the door waiting to be led, but the cook and his wife(?) completely ignored me for ages even though I definitely caught their attention when I got into the shop. Then when I decided to just sit myself in front of the cook at the counter, they continued to ignore me and not even bother to take my order!! I waited and waited, until a couple came into the shop and sat next to me. They were being ignored too, but the guy shouted his order, which the cook answered miraculously, then I immediately shouted my order too, but the cook either couldn’t hear or simply ignored.(Why? Why?) The guy next to me pitied me and shouted my order for me, which the cook finally acknowledged….I was so humiliated throughout the entire time and really wanted to just leave! I should have, really, no matter how nice the food was! Never before in my entire stay in Japan that I encounter such rude service! Never going back again.

  2. Gosh how rude!!! “Paid to suffer”! You have to be crude, loud and agressive to deal with them and get your food. It’s such horrible experience that I think you ought to write it in Japanese XP …really they can’t treat customers like this!!!

  3. urgghh can’t imagine such “hk” attitude happen in Japan. I would just leave!! Are the gyoza really that good?

  4. Yeah, the annoying fact is, the gyoza was sooooooooo delicious!!! The shop was in gourmet magazines and stuff, and very long queues all the time, so I guess it is famous. HK restaurants are rude but they never ignore you until you have ordered(^^;;;).

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