Canoviano (リストランテ・カノビアーノ)

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Fish(forgot what) and fish roe Capellini(cold). Absolutely delicious~~~!! The first dish’s high quality made me excited of what to come…
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Mozzarella cheese, fruit tomato and ham salad. The appetizer for the lunch course was octopus originally but the waitor asked if there is anything we don’t like, so I requested a different appetizer instead of octopus – which I don’t fancy. This is very nice. The tomato is very sweet.
Beef ragu sauce spaghetti. It is a bit overcooked….a bit unbelievable for a high-class Italian to not achieve al dente…and I craved Italian and it just tasted too Japanese.
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Pan-fried Alfonsino(found in dictionary…) in seafood soup. The fish and the yam underneath it are both very good. Though it is again very very Japanese…
Roasted duck, in Balsamico sauce. The duck is a bit hard…
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Chocolate ice-cream and Mascarpone cheese with raisins. Chocolate was grated in front of me by the waitor – a bit messy. ^^;; But it tasted wonderful. My friend’s dessert was pineapple and ginger ice-cream.

4 thoughts on “Canoviano (リストランテ・カノビアーノ)

  1. パスタはイタリアンであって欲しいです、ジャパニーズではなく^^; AWにかなり期待しちゃいますね♪

  2. 和風パスタは嫌いじゃないけど、

  3. “Taste too Japanese” being the critique ^^;; (meaning sweeter, delicate, reserve…or…? ^^;;) It has so many courses~

    Hehe that ham mozzarella salad, I have all the ingredients in my fridge, lemme make that tonight ^^;;

  4. Japanese as in very mild and light, the veggy and the soup-like sauce made the pasta very Japanese, while the fish was entirely a Japanese dish except the look. Yeah, maybe I was expecting something richer, more cheese, more olive oil, more tomato, better al dente…^^;;; You know there are many many cheap cafes/restaurants here serving Japanese-style pasta, in some places you actually use chopsticks, so wafu pasta is nothing novel and it has a cheap-eat image…so when I go to an expensive Italian, I expect some authentic Italian lor.

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