Aux Delices de Hongo (オ・デリス・ド・本郷)

Back again!(See tag) The same French-food-loving friend set up everything well in advance so I had been really looking forward to this meal for weeks.

060620 048.jpgMarinated salmon, with Caponata and Anchovy sauce. The salmon is fat rich and delicious enough on its own. Even better is to break the quail egg and eat the salmon with the yoke, or with the vegetables stew, or with the anchovy sauce.

060620 051.jpgWhisked fennel cream and sea urchin, bottom layer is fennel flan, the sauce on top is made from prawn heads. This is so delicious!! At first I thought sea urchin would be the main thing for this dish, but the taste and smell of the prawn is much stronger than the sea urchin. A very very heavenly dish nonetheless. In fact it is so impressive that even after many days I still crave to have it once more.

060620 057.jpgSummer organic vegetables, with summer truffle dressing. There are so many different kinds of vegetables, every single one is delicious. It is such a big plate too! Though you don’t get tired til the end.

060620 062.jpg060620 066.jpg
“Loup en croûte, sauce Choron”, a traditional dish that very few restaurants make it apparently. My friend made a special request and the chef made once before to try and this is his second attempt. Basically it is sea bass pie, sandwiched between the fish meat is scallop mousse. The Choron sauce is like hollandaise sauce, colour is pink because of the tomato puree, also added are shallot and white wine and egg yoke, the taste is slightly sour and light and matching the fish well. One slice is big and everyone was full by that time, but it was so light that everyone finished easily.

060620 069.jpgFruit salad with apple mango sorbet. Again many many different kinds of fruits and each spoon is a delight: peach sweet, rhubarb sour, medlar sour and melon sweet again…

The wine are all fantastic, especially the white, I don’t know anything about wine but the white wine I have in this restaurants are unlike anything I had before, not just a complement to the meal but outstanding on its own!

An amazing meal! Thank you Sinp-san!

Aux Delices de Hongo

5 thoughts on “Aux Delices de Hongo (オ・デリス・ド・本郷)

  1. 私、このお食事会の記事を読むのはシーさんので3人目なのですけど、それでもなお、目が釘づけです^^;

  2. The fish pie!!! That’s too cute~~
    Every entry of this place looks amazing. Would you say this is your favorite french restaurant in Japan?

  3. Joan>
    Oh yeah, definitely the most amazing experience!
    I am a little scared that I get too used to this
    kind of luxury though…


  4. When the food is truly good and unique and how much you enjoyed it, you could write a lot about each plate. ^^;;; The fennel cream and sea urchin sounds sooo amazing! It look soup-like from the pic though. So the fish pie had to be special ordered? The details..the fish scale… *O*

  5. The whole meal is quite healthy too, mainly fish, veggy and fruits! I was really really stuffed at the end though.

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