Norabou (野らぼー)

060822 001.jpg釜揚肉ぶっかけうどん(玉子入り)、710円。
Meat udon with raw egg. Very nice! The simmered pork and the onion were sweet, while the soup was just the water used to boil the udon, and there was a bottle of slightly sweet sauce that you add yourself for additional flavour. The portion was very big too!
野らぼー 錦町本店(Norabou Nishikichou-honten)

060730 004.jpg野らぼーうどん、720円。
Also visited the branch near Kanda station. The udon was too soft and a bit bloated from being boiled for too long. The dried fish tempura was interesting though.
野らぼー神田北口店(Norabou Kanda Kitaguchi-ten)

4 thoughts on “Norabou (野らぼー)

  1. Doesn’t the udon gets sticky/harden fast if not have soup?

    These days when I cooked noodles with little sauce like the pix, I added raw eggs myself but I guess I’m supposed to seperat the egg white part…hence the whole plate got gooey and slimey…^^;;;;

  2. Oh there was soup, which was the hot water used to cook the udon hence not exactly plain boiled water. It is common for soba and udon.

    I think you need to wash the hot noodles in cold water so that it doesn’t get sticky. If you want to leave it hot, you probably need to pour a bit of the hot water into the noodles.

    You don’t need to separate egg white I think? The egg white was there in the udon(can see that at the rim of the bowl).

  3. “cross cold river” ^^;; I worried about that when I cooked noodles that required that, I just used tap water to wash…err….need to install a purification filter.

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