Visconti (ヴィスコンティ) CLOSED!

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060922 100.jpgドライトマトとマッシュルーム クリームソースフェットチーネ、1000円。
Dried tomato and mushroom fettuccine in cream sauce. Came with the dessert: fig and red wine ice-cream, yogurt mousse and almond cake. I was surprised by the high standard for a 1000yen lunch….the pasta and the dessert were both very good. There is no good Italian in Ikebukuro and I am happy to have found this place.

3 thoughts on “Visconti (ヴィスコンティ) CLOSED!

  1. HP見たよ。オーナーも言ってるね、池袋に似合わないイタリアンだって^^;

  2. やっこさん>

    The dessert sampler looks so plain at first, which makes it a bigger surprise when they actually taste so good.

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