Ristorante IL NIDO (イル・ニード@下北沢)

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Vegetables in marinade and sardine with olives on top. Quite a solid plate for a palate teaser. The foccacia is a little dry but alright.
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青りんごで包んだ フォアグラのテリーヌ。
コルドネッティ 魚介のジェノヴェーゼソース。
Antipasto: Terrine of foie gras wrapped in green apple. Apple is sweet and foie gras is salty, my favourite combination! Though the foie gras is slightly soaked, probably because of the apple? A piece of smoked duck on the side which is quite dry.
Primo: Cordonetti with seafood genovese. The pasta has the chewy and elastic texture of Japanese yakisoba! ^^;;; Genovese is not the usual basil paste, but chopped fresh basil mixed with olive oil. Despite the unexpected taste and look, I like this dish!
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Secondo: Yamagata beef saute. The sauce is just Balsamico and olive oil I think. The vegetables are great. The beef is fatless and not too soft, need a lot of chewing but it is not bad. My friend’s fish is nicer.
Sorbet of rosemary, thyme and anise. Very refreshing.
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Baba with caramel Semi Freddo. It is very good! Not too sweet, the sponge is soaked with rum, the ice-cream is smooth. My friend’s simple Panna Cotta is absolutely delicious too. I am very impressed by the desserts here, as I always think desserts are boring in Italian restaurants. ^^;; Comes with espresso and little sweets, which are both nice. Lunch course is 3500yen. Glass wine is 900yen. Service charge is 600yen per table. Overall it was quite a satisfactory lunch, slightly salty was the general impression. In fact we both felt quite thirsty afterwards, but the level of saltiness was acceptable for me. This restaurant has only 4 tables and a capacity of 12 people at the most – a very small place even for Tokyo. About 10 minutes walk from the nearest Shimokitazawa station if you don’t get lost, which we did. ^^;; There is no cheaper lunch course than the one we ordered, probably part of the reason why we were the only customers during the entire lunch time even though it was a Saturday and the area near the station was crowded with people.