Volo Cosi (ヴォーロ・コズィ@千石)

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Lunch at a rather new Italian restaurant which is obscurely located but much hyped amongst food bloggers.
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Beautiful dark and classy decor. Though I learnt afterwards that this place used to be a French restaurant and the decor is pretty much unchanged. Service is very formal, a whole team of stiff-backed black-suited waiters and waitresses standing around every corner and checking on you all the time. Very friendly people though.
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Vegetable soup, with barley in it. It is so tiny, amazed they found such a miniature bowl. Bread is hot and very good.
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全粒粉の自家製スパゲティ たまねぎとアンチョビソース。
Appetizer plate. Couldn’t quite catch the waiter’s explanation of each item but they are gorgonzola mousse(very good!) in front of the brioche, roasted pigeon(in the middle), cod paste on potato cake, crab, octopus, vegetable stew, eel roll with orange sauce, and sardine.
There were many pasta choices, I had the homemade whole-wheat spaghetti with onions and anchovy sauce. Simple but good. The onion is very sweet. Soaked all the leftover sauce with a second helping of bread.
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Japanese chestnut ice-cream and Panna Cotta with cherry sauce. A lot of chestnut must have been used to make the ice-cream, not too smooth but very rich.
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Lunch without the meat dish – the one I ordered – is 2750yen. Quite cheap actually. Full course lunch is 3800yen.
Volo Cosi