Cold Stone Creamery

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チェスナッツ カプチーノ(コーヒーアイスクリーム、栗、チョコファッジ、ホイップクリーム)
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Chestnut Cappuccino: coffee ice-cream chestnut, chocolate fudge and whipped cream. “Love it” size(i.e. medium) plus waffle cup, 630yen.
The first branch of this American ice-cream shop in Japan is at Roppongi Hills. I have tried going for a couple of times but it ALWAYS has a long queue, even during odd hours like weekdays afternoon, or in winter(the waiting and eating space is outside). So I was very happy to find out that the second branch(in central Tokyo) is inside a mall at Ikebukuro. Happier still that there was no one waiting when I went during weekday lunchtime! The ice-cream is chopped and mixed with the ingredients on a cold marble stone. The much-hyped ice-cream didn’t disappoint, very smooth and rich, a bit sweet in Japanese standard, but okay for me.
Cold Stone Creamery Japan