Le Remois (ル・レモア)

3200yen lunch course. Glass champagne is 1300yen, half glass is 800yen. The bread is so-so.
Appetizer: Crab and avocado Tartar, with tomato and basil sauce. Very good! Close-up pic here.

Main: Chicken and mushroom in a Cocotte. Quite nice but a bit salty. Dessert: Classic gateau chocolate is normal.

The original shop is in Aoyama and is much more expensive. This branch in Shinmaru building is more casual. A lot of dishes come in Cocotte…even a cold salad.
Le Remois

3 thoughts on “Le Remois (ル・レモア)

  1. Why didn’t you use the close up pic here instead hehe? So strange to see avacado used as ingredients in your blog. I always associate avacado with Southern Californian cuisine/Mexican.

  2. does the champaign include in the 3200 yen price?
    if not then it’s a little pricey. though it’s already the cheaper causal version.

  3. Joan>
    Oh the champagne is NOT included in the course. Well someone has to pay for the great location…

    Californian food is not that rare in Japan…just that I never go so you don’t see it in my blog. ^^;;;

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