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1000yen lunch includes a main dish, bread or rice, dessert and coffee. Salad(150yen) is an additional order. Today’s meat dish is roasted chicken thigh with lemon and burnt butter, onion sauce. Dessert is caramel pudding with cherries.

A casual French cafe in Akihabara. A bit out of the way from the main shopping area, but it is only a few minutes walk from Akihabara station. Value for money is great considering you only pay 1000~1500yen for pretty decent food in generous amount. Taste-wise there is still room for improvement but really, thinking of the price I have only praises for this place. It is just the chef cooking everything himself so delivery can be a bit slow, but no matter how busy the place is the food is always freshly prepared. Lunch is available on weekdays and also on Saturday – for some reason it is never crowded on Saturday.

もち豚ロースステーキ、シャルキュティエールソース + カサゴのポワレ バルサミコソース。
若鶏ムネ肉のロースト、レモン風味マスタードソース + メカジキのムニエル フレッシュトマトソース。
Left: Pork loin steak in Charcutiere Sauce + Kasago(rockfish) in Balsamic sauce.
Right: Roasted chicken breast with lemon, mustard sauce + Meuniere of Mekajiki(swordfish) in fresh tomato sauce.
The 1300yen lunch plate consists of fish and meat, both of which are so big that it is like having two main dishes. If you don’t say anything, bread(always reheated) will be served, but you can ask for rice which I prefer.

0809040092ステーキランチ: 本日のスープ、牛サーロインステーキ、パンまたはライス、¥1500。
Sirloin steak lunch. For 1500yen I didn’t really expect good quality beef but it turned out to be surprisingly tender and soft. This is regular menu.

仔羊のハンバーグ フレッシュトマトソース + スズキのポワレ マスタード風味クリームソース。
1300yen lunch. Lamb hamburger in fresh tomato sauce + Suzuki in mustard cream sauce.
アッシェパルマンティエ(挽肉とジャガイモの重ね焼き) + サーモンのポワレ キノコ入りカレーソース。
Hachis parmentier + Salmon in curry sauce with mushroom.
もち豚のローストポーク、レモンと焦がしバターのソース + カラスガレイのムニエル、バジルソース。
Roasted pork with lemon and burnt butter sauce + Meuniere of Karasu-garei in basil sauce.
カサゴのポワレ バルサミコソース。
1000yen lunch. Kasgo in Balsamic sauce. Caramel pudding with blueberry.
若鶏ムネ肉のロースト、アンチョビレモンバターソース + サーモンのポワレ ラヴィゴットソース。
Roasted chicken breast in achovy lemon butter sauce + Salmon in ravigote sauce.
サバのムニエル フレッシュトマトソース + 特製ポークハヤシライス、温泉玉子添え。
1300yen lunch. Meuniere of Saba in fresh tomato sauce + Pork hayashi rice with hotspring egg. Banana and coconut chocolate cake
豚バラ肉のステーキ マスタードソース + サーモンのポワレ アンチョビ風味レモンバターソース。
Left: Roasted pork mustard sauce.
Right: Pork belly steak in mustard sauce + Salmon in anchovy lemon butter sauce.

Lunch menu(J): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.


1002080021(Feb 08, 2010)
Was meeting a friend at Akihabara for dinner without prior planning and this place was the only option I could think of. I am sorry to say……the dinner was terrible. The quality of food here was good value for a cheap Y1000 lunch, but paying some 4000 yen gives you no better quality. It’s still a nice cafe to have lunch since there isn’t much around Akihabara train station. But better avoid having dinner here.

Chef’s Table R&D
Add: 3-35-5 Sakumacho, Kanda.
Tel: 03-3863-4562

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  1. hi! i just wanted to say that i like your blog and you have beautiful pictures here. keep it up! 🙂

  2. So there’s still less guy-food places at Akiba? ^^;; The menu is very hearty though it seems (and lack of green!) Very worth for the price.

  3. This place is popular among guys too. Also there are offices nearby so quite a lot of “salarymen and OLs” on weekdays. Whenever I eat the lunch plate with two mains here, I don’t get hungry until 8 or 9 at night(while normally I get hungry by 6 ^^;;).

  4. When i’m still not hungry by 8 or 9 I usually just skip dinner (and eat fruits instead). Of course I’ll get very very hungry in the next morning.

  5. I usually have some bread to settle my stomach before I sleep – if I’m hungry I just can’t sleep, or even I manage to sleep, like you I will get too hungry in the morning and end up eating a huge breakfast which is the same anyway. ^^;;;

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