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Angelina (Paris: Tuileries Quarter)

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We’re still at Paris, the internet is not stable but I can’t wait to update the blog. Even though we were exhausted and jet-lagged after we got off the plane, we wasted no time and headed for this beautiful La Belle Epoque style tea salon that has been in existence since 1903. The sweets are made in classic way, unlike the contemporary refined ones.

The entire place is filled with tourists since it’s located on the tourisy Rue de rivoli. I felt like I haven’t left the plane yet. ^^;; There was a bit of a wait when we arrived.

Mont Blanc. Incredibly rich, creamy and smooth. The chestnut flavor is very full and wonderful.

L’Africain Hot chocolate, shockingly thick and velvety but not sweet, served with a jar of fresh cream. I’ve never tasted hot chocolate so rich like this so it’s quite an experience. But since we also order cakes (chocolate and nuts flavor) so we couldn’t finish it. Pistachio Cake, very full pistachio flavor, smells great.

Opera. The chocolate layers are velvety smooth and light, rich coffee flavor. Very good!

The service is a bit on the slow side though, and our server was quite grumpy. Still it’s not a place to be miss if you find yourself in Paris. esp. if you’re exhausted by the nearby enormous and crowded Musee du Lourve.

226 rue de Rivoli, Paris

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3 Responses to “Angelina (Paris: Tuileries Quarter)”

  1. RP says:

    All the desserts look & sound yummy~! Esp. the pistachio cake which I’ve never tasted! You gals seem to be having a lot of fun, did you order in French :-)?

  2. seat says:

    Oh so Japanese imitate French cakes well! They all look familiar. ^^;;; Are they quite sweet??

  3. Freda says:

    We always tried to order in French, but most would eventually spoke English back at us. ^^;;

    Seat, the cakes here are not that sweet, the sweetest might be the cream inside the mont blanc. haha Japanese have master the art of French pastries. We went to a pastry place that’s opened by a Japanese too!