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Seven Grand (Downtown)

By in 06: Downtown LA

Jon’s friend came to LA to look for a good proper Rye Manhattan and we found out Seven Grand at downtown does it. Love the decor, feels masculine with all the whiskey bottles, dark wood and animal heads. Like a fancy log cabin, old fashion with a yuppy twist. TV monitors on the walls playing black and white “cool” movies like Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! and there are pool tables and patio area for the smokers.

Kentucky Mint Julep. Whisky + fresh mint + crush ice + sugar syrup. Like a sweet alcoholic snow cone! The bartender showed quite a performance crushing the ice and layering them into the cup.


Jon and his friend got the Rye Manhattan, the reason we came to this bar. Most bars usually scrimp on the ingredients and/or its made without any skill. Edit: Seven Grand’s rye manhattan is made with 100 proof Rittenhouse rye, sweet vermouth, and maraschino cherry (not those corn syrup marinated cancerous red abomination) which deliciousness balanced the earthiness of the whiskey.

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5 Responses to “Seven Grand (Downtown)”

  1. valentine says:

    Hey I want some Mint Julep too~~~(*^∀^*)
    Mint Julep comes up a lot in Gone With the Wind, and I’ve always wondered how it tastes in proper form.
    (They offer it in Disneyland, incidentaly!
    but after all it’s Disneyland(^_^;)

  2. seat says:

    Kakigori for adults! XD!

  3. This place is open already! Awesome! We’re going to be in downtown on Wednesday, so we’ll stop by. Perfect timing! Thanks again!

  4. Mike Carlson says:

    Seven Grand’s rye manhattan is made with 100 proof Rittenhouse rye, not Maker’s Mark, which is bourbon, not rye whiskey.

  5. Joan says:

    Thanks Mike for the correction. I made the changes above.