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Doe Jon Station (Arcadia)

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DSCN4624My parents told me about this new-ish place that specialize Chinese breakfast and good beef pancake near where they live. It has an odd name in English: “Doe Jon Station”. I assume “Doe Jon” means “Dou Jiang” (Soy Milk) as its Chinese name is “豆漿大王”, or “The King of Soy Milk” in English. According to their menu, this place is opened by the same family as the famous restaurant of the same name in Taiwan (?) The place looks like all the other good authentic Chinese places in LA: badly decorate, zero ambience, hole in the wall.

Salty soymilk
For those who aren’t familiar with Chinese breakfast, Soy milk is the stable item. It’s either serves sweet or savory like a soup, depends how you like it. I personally prefer the savory ones, it has pickled cabbage and chopped youtiao inside. Yummy!

Really good youtiao (Deep Fried Bread sticks) and Sticky Rice Roll! These two items are essential items of a good Chinese breakfast in my opinion, they reminded me of childhood. The Sticky rice roll is the exact kind I like which has fried bread stick and pickled cabbage inside. Both are must get items.

Sesame pancake with Beef and Northern style scramble tofu soup. My parents highly recommended the beef pancake, the thin slice beef is flavorful and the pancake has great crunchy texture. The tofu soup is however, so-so.

I’m glad to find a place that serves good authentic Chinese breakfast. Their menu also has more stuffs beyond just Chinese breakfast items, like noodle, dumplings, xiao lung bao etc… I’ll give them a try next time I’m there.

豆漿大王 Doe Jon Station

46 W Las Tunas Drive, Arcadia, CA 91006
(626) 821-2088

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13 Responses to “Doe Jon Station (Arcadia)”

  1. WeezerMonkey says:

    This looks amazing!

  2. This place used to the be the now gone Noodle House! Agree, the youtiao is pretty good here! Their dumplings are also pretty god. It’s amazing how much stuff they offer and sell, as well as package.

  3. TonyC says:

    whoah.. I was JUST reading about this joint on Yelp.. wonder if it’s better / same / worse than Noodle House.. p’bly bout the same..

    VP Tofu will probably still have the best soy juice in all of LA tho…

  4. Bonnie Tsang says:

    Awesome! Finally a new place to go for chinese breakfast!

  5. Whoa! I had been looking for a good breakfast place. This place looked promising. I love the former place of Noodle House and was a little saddened by the closing. I hope this place come close to the former tenant. Thanks for the write up!

  6. Thanks for posting a review about this place. It’s definitely much closer to me than the Taiwanese breakfast places in San Gabriel. I’m looking forward to checking this one out.

  7. seat says:

    For me, salty soy milk and sticky rice roll are Shanghainese breakfast, which is not as common as congee in HK. I thought non-sweet soy milk was very strange at first. But I love the sticky rice roll, especially those with shredded meat inside.

    btw it might not look so but one whole sticky rice roll + soy milk is actually very high-calorie breakfast…..^^;;;

  8. RP says:

    Oh I enjoy the foods here a lot too! Both the taste and the portion are good.
    The place though, is as hole in the wall as it gets (once the staff was cleaning the floor right beside our table and almost killed my appetite ^^;;)

  9. hi potatomato, how do you like it compared to Yung Ho?

  10. Joan says:

    Eatdrinknbmerry: I find their youtiao and Sticky Rice Roll better than Yung Ho, while the salty soy milk is similar in quality.

    Seat: yeah I felt full for the rest of the day after it ^^;;; Is sticky rice roll shanghainese? I didn’t know that. When my family lived in North Point there were several places that make these and we would get it for breakfast every weekend. That’s why they reminded me of childhood.

    RP: Ha yeah…typical Chinese…

  11. I don’t know…never been a fan of Yung Ho. Yi Mei Deli is a better choice for breakfast than Yung Ho. Have you tried Yi Mei yet? And how do you compare to Doe Jon if you did tried it?

  12. EP says:

    This place is ok, its a hole in the wall. Went there several times with my family, all the times the food was somewhat blend. Definately not as great as the Yung Ho on Valley. We rather drive a bit further to get better food in San Gabriel.

  13. Honkey174 says:

    Some friends took me here this past weekend. Décor looked ok, cozy, and food looked decent, but I made the mistake of ordering the “salty soy milk”..since it was something my friends said I should try…but it tasted like feet 🙁 shoulda got the other sweet soy milk instead.