December 27, 2004 1

The Kitchen (Old Town Pasadena)

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DSC01751.jpgDSC01750.jpgShopping too much for our room at Old Town recently. This little Italian place at the corner on Union St. is a safe haven from the lame crowd who traffic jam all the ‘obvious’ restaurants on Colorado. But it get filled up very quickly on a busy night too. The bread is really good~~ Minestrone is so-so.

DSC01755.jpgDSC01756.jpgLeft: Pasta Salad don’t like it, especially not on a tired chilly night. The pastas are hard and cold; 🙁 Right: Forgot name ^^;;; it has eggplant fried on bread, yum! I like the grilled potatoes, full of various flavor and strong garlic, but I smelled and felt too sickly garlic the rest of the night though 🙁

DSC01758.jpgTiramisu Good!

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One Response to “The Kitchen (Old Town Pasadena)”

  1. tina says:

    if you like their bread, you can actually buy the uncooked one there and just pot it in the toaster at home. they come out fresh and soft just like they one they serve in the resturaunt.