December 27, 2004 2

Grand Lux Cafe (Beverly Center)

By in 09: Weho

DSC01793.JPGDSC01795.jpgHere the day after Christmas day is the on-sale shopping and returning-items day. Some retail chains even opened at 5am for desperate bargain-shoppers. The dress I got mom is wrong size so we have to beat the crowd at the mall for exchange. We ate at the restaurant Grand Lux Cafe which looked glitter, golden and shiny like a grand Las Vegas casino (in fact there IS one at Venetian Hotel). But the food is not ‘Grand” nor “luxury’ at all. It’s just typical California ‘fusion’ menu with ‘everything’ (from Continental breakfast to Filet Mignon, Pizza, Vietnamese roll, Mongolian steak…etc. and all extremely overpriced). It’s owned by the same creator who opened the ultra lame Cheesecake Factory. So it’s supposedly a more upscale sister restaurant to Cheesecake Factory. If CF were ‘The Gap’, then GLC would be their ‘Banana Republic’. ^^;;

DSC01797.jpgDSC01799.jpgSince it is located in the mall so of course there’re mall-crowd friendly Lunch specials. I got the $10 Pasta+Salad specials. Pasta Fresca corkscrew pasta dried tomato, olives, brocalli, asparagus with garlic butter sauce. OH my this is unbelievably delicious~~~ The salad too! *O*

DSC01803.jpgOmlette Special $8 Bacon, Spinach, cheese…Normal…

DSC01807.jpgNew Orleans Beignets $7 The waiter hardsell their “30-minutes-to-prepared-desserts-menu’ to every table so we tried one. It’s basically fried donuts with raspberry, chocolate and custard dippings. But it’s very good! The donut doughs are soooooo incredibly light and soft. YUMMY!

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2 Responses to “Grand Lux Cafe (Beverly Center)”

  1. seat says:

    So funny that you first bashed the whole existence of the place and then suddenly complimented its food…^^;;;; The donuts look good!

  2. Joan says:

    Ha did that sound like bashing?! ^^;;