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Maison Akira (Pasadena)

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DSC02544.jpgDSC02545.jpgDue to a Feng Shui supersititious, RP treated us to dinner at Maison Akira to celebrate her birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY woman~! \^o^/ (we’re going to treat you even better next time ^_-). Originally we booked Malo (at Silverlake) but it is not a vegetarian-friendly place. Neither is French really. ^^;; Anyway we lunched here before (entry here & here). The waitress recognized us already (“Oh the sisters~” she said ^^;;). So I’m glad to try their dinner menu. A small free appetizer to stimulate appetite: Taro and Eggplant. I like that the Taro is firm and not mushy, the taste go well with the eggplant mousee and the sauce. A bottle of Vouvray $32. Very sweet :).

DSC02548.jpgSeared Ahi Tuna & Duck Foie Gras Napoleon with Fresh Mango and Corn Celery Root Gateau in a Port Wine Truffle Sauce $29. The foie gras was airy yet smokey, lovely~ *O*

DSC02553.jpgGrilled Duck Foie Gras in a Port Wine Truffle Sauce on Grilled PineApple & Daikon Confit $18.00. I wasn’t so hungry so I only ordered the appetitzer Foie Gras. It’s delicious, but I think the one I had in Devon was better. I like that it comes with mushroom though :).

DSC02558.jpg Layered Slow Roasted Winter Vegetables Wrapped in Phyllo with a Spinach Truffle Oil $21 Being a vegetarian, RP doesn’t really have much choice, especially at French restaurants. So it’s nice that they have such fancy veggie dish!

DSC02560.jpgDSC02562.jpg Chocolate brulee with Mango Sorbet and strawberries. Custard in crispy layers with rasberries. Both taste good, just rather normal. We saw other tables get this fancy basket thing dessert which looks interesting, don’t know what it is! Someday I’ll like to try their dinner course.

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2 Responses to “Maison Akira (Pasadena)”

  1. seat says:

    I was really looking forward to this entry. My comment will be timed like two minutes after the time you uploaded it, ahaha. ^^;;;; The two foie gras dishes look fantastic – anything with a big chunk of foie gras makes me mouth-watering anyway. ^^;;; But the vegetarian dish is impressive! I have never ever seen vegetarian main dishes in French restaurants in Japan so I just can’t imagine how that is possible. ^^;;; Hope RP enjoyed it! Hey there is this fantastic looking dessert in the homepage under “pastries” – looks like chestnut cream pie?? You should try that next time!

  2. Joan says:

    haha yeah foie gras just always taste good, I was being picky up there. I do prefer it with mango than pinapple though. Yeah the veggie dish was unexpected!