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Seattle – Belltown (Part 1)

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Dsc02647.jpgWe had a wonderful weekend at Seattle! Even though it started off stressfully: typical national flight nightmare, this time it’s Alsaka Airline…never ever ride with them again. First I got stuck in traffic on my way to the airport for 2 hours due to massive car accidents happening at the same time at all major freeways. So I was about 5 minutes late to my check-in time, and they didn’t let us on our 5:30 pm flight and bummed us to the next one at 6:30 pm. Just as I thought my bad luck was over, the 6:30 pm flight got delayed till 9:45 pm (!!!). So we rushed to the counter to get on the standby list to an earlier flight (7:40 pm). After bunch of nerve wracking anxious waiting and chaos at the overcrowded broading area (because of many unfortunate fellow passengers who tried to hop on earlier flights like us), the 7:40 flight was quickly filled up before it got to us. So we immediately ran to another counter to check if we could get on the next flight (8:15). We were the last two persons to got on that flight, I felt like winning the lottery. We arrived at Vero’s place almost midnight. -__-;;;

Btw Chris Kattan sat 2 rows away from my seat (who was watching “The Larry Sanders Show” DVD on his laptop ^^;;;). The two teenagers next to me got very excited when they spotted him and asked the flight attendant to pass a note to him to get autographs. Throughout the trip they kept giggling, gushing and agitated whether he ‘d notice them (he did, waved at them and shaked hand later). The Chris Kattan fuss made the flight slightly bit more amusing. ^^;;

Another bad luck: Seattle has been having wonderful sunshine weather the week before, but on the weekend we went it was awful. We got the *BEST* of Seattle: bone-chilling cold, strong wind and non-stop rain. The wind was so strong that you can’t really use umbrella either. It’s best to wear hats. Now we realize how functional those newsie hats are.

Dsc02636.jpgDsc02640.jpgEven bad weather couldn’t spoil my enjoyment at Seattle! I really like the city very very much! There are soooo many good food!!!! ^_^ We stayed at Veronica’s place and she took us around to really good restaurants and boutiques to shop! She is an awesome tour guide ^_^. Eat. shop. walk…that pretty much sums up our trip.

Her apartment located at Belltown, the downtown metropolitan area. Even though the central area is very mainstream (malls, department stores, chains), there are lots of nice hidden restaurants and boutiques. Her window faced right across from the landmark Space Needle and that weird Frank Gehry building.

DSC02867.jpgDSC02689.jpgDSC02764.jpgDSC02767.jpgI really love city life where you can relax and walk to places with lots of nice cafes and restaurants almost every step of on the street. Even though you’re towered by upscale apartments, monorail and commercial skyscrapers, the city is never too crowded, surprisingly not noisy and the traffic was gentle. You never feel a rush to walk faster or passing ahead, be on alert on avoiding obstacles like you do in Shibuya or HK. And if you want to go further away you can take public transportations. It is everything that is opposite from LA. 🙁 The downtown of Seattle is also the cleanest and neatest downtown I’ve ever seen, it’s almost unreal like a rosy version of downtown. It reminds me a lot of Hong Kong, particualarly the Central and east Tsim Sa Tsui area. Even the way it’s next to the bay and has lots of fresh seafood! Vero probably got tired of hearing me saying “oh this reminds me of HK~~” ^^;; Though there are sketchy drunken bums screaming madly or arguing loudly on street, but it’s nothing compare to the everyday regular flair I encounter in Hollywood.

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6 Responses to “Seattle – Belltown (Part 1)”

  1. seat says:

    Oh I can completely understand your stress in the airport waiting and fretting and feeling frustrated~~~~just think that was a part of your experience…and at least you got amused as a reward….^^;;;

    The room looks so modern and nice! The view is amazing!! What are those bottles of liqueur doing there in a girl’s room???? ^^;;;

    That weird building, what is it??

    Monorail curling around building is sooooooo cool!! Even I take monorail everyday but it must be so much more fun when you can watch people(you can, right?) inside the building upclose!! ^^;;;

    The last pic actually looks like NY…

  2. tina says:

    i am so glad you girls had a great time. . . seattls’s downtown is truly one of the cleanest i’ve ever seem.

  3. Joan says:

    Haha Veronica loves drinking~~probably like your old days in London!

    That weird building is a museum of sound and music or something, a experimental project. Even though the building supposedly designed by the famous Frank Ghery, but I think it look so ugly!

    Gosh there’s more airport wank on my returning flight, apparently since they bummed us off our original flight that day, somehow they cancelled our returning flight also! WTF~~~~ Good thing we arrived early at the airport, so there’s still some seats left so they did manage to squeeze us into seperate seats, which suck! and while we were waiting, another flight to LA got delayed for 4 hours, so those poor ppl all rush to our flight and try to squeeze in, our flight delay departing becoz of that.

  4. Freda says:

    If it weren’t for local tour guide, I’ll probably waste time go up the space needle and eat at the spinning buffet restaurant and do that kind of lame tourist thing. ^^;;;

  5. seat says:

    Is it common for the inland flights to get messed up and delayed and all that? Or you were just unlucky?

  6. Joan says:

    I think it’s common that for in-land flights…especially since it’s Americans, they’re very careless (stuffs like accidently cancelled your flight…typical American!).