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Seattle – Freemont (Part 2)

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Dsc02698.jpgWe took a bus from downtown for about 15 minutes and arrived at Fremont, possibly Seattle’s hippest neighborhood. It is my favorite place at this trip. It is full of hipsters, record shops, used book store, lots of cute boutiques and coffee houses, artists’ studios, even a weird statue of Vladimir Lenin ^^;; (I dunno why it’s there…didn’t take picture). It’s artsy, hip yet neat. I guess the LA equivalent neighbourhood would be sorta like Abbot Kinney?

Dsc02712.jpgDsc02710.jpgDsc02709.jpgDsc02707.jpgOne of the coolest boutiques there: a women’s clothes boutique Impulse, a men’s clothes stire and a cafe, 3 shops all in one buidling (which is very nice). I bombed quite some money at Impulse, and if you enter from the other side, which is a uphill slope, you go downstair to it as if the shop is underground. There are many nice stuffs there. I got a nice top from this new Vancouver designer Picnic (really cute website!) In the center of the building there’s a colorful graffiti-filled courtyard area which people can hang out and lounge at. Opposite of it there’s a painting studio there, some artist’s painting studio?

Another shop I spend a lot at: enexile.
Lots of unique cute stuffs there, thought some are too rock looking. I bought 2 really nice and cheap scarfs, a necklace and a jacket that’s on-sale which I needed badly because the weather got too cold for me. (^^;;; didn’t wear enough) Those handmade looking pumpkin candle holders are cute.

This funky store Burnt Sugar has an awesome exterior (the big metal thing is a rocket!). It sells quirky cute bags, household items, vintage furniture, gifts and accessories. These kinda shops that sell a little bit of everything is the most fun to go to. I bought a BillyBag tote bag (a bit over-price…err…^^;;). The was a kid keep dragging around that toy dog thing around the store, very cute! ^o^

Les Amis has a cute street sign! Lots of really pretty feminine clothes there, most are pricey though. I found these cute dolls in the back corner of the store. I bought a little coin purse here as souvenir for Michelle.

It was quite tiring walking and shopping around. We went back to Vero’s place at around 5 and rest till dinner time.

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One Response to “Seattle – Freemont (Part 2)”

  1. seat says:

    You caught a woman in the changing room? ^^;;;

    The shops look so trendy! Colourful graffiti on walls always make a place trendy, don’t you think?