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Bouchee Cafe (Seattle: Fremont)

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Apparently the Le Pichet brunch wasn’t enough for us so we went to eat crepe at Fremont in the afternoon! ^o^ A boutique’s clerk we chatted with recommended us this place. I love the interior, it has a theatrical feel due to the red wall and huge paintings. The kitchen is open on the right side, and there’s a lounge area in the back for magic shows and jazz bands at night. In front of the cafe is Veronica with her cute mod just-bought umbrella.

Dsc02723.jpgDsc02725.jpgFrench press coffee, very good! I like how the red coffee mug with the retro-style clear plate match the bohemian vibe of the place. They use the red mug as sugar holder which is cute as well.

Freda’s: Crepes with grand marnier, vanilla ice cream, Joan’s: Crepes with banana, nutella and Kahlua, Veronica’s: Crepes with apricot jam and hazelnuts. The crepes are a bit hard and stiff which is a little disappointing. Perhaps that’s their style or….? Well they still taste good.

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3 Responses to “Bouchee Cafe (Seattle: Fremont)”

  1. seat says:

    The crepe look amazing!! What, vero chose one without liqueur?! Haha. ^^;;; Joan, you are in the picture? Your hair is so short!!!

  2. Joan says:

    Hey that’s Freda! 😀

  3. Freda says:

    I know…my stylist went on vacation when I needed a haircut badly, so I just went to a new guy and he doesn’t know my hair well (thick and curvy) that he cut way too short (and quite ugly boyishly in the back too). arrrrrr~