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Extraordinary Dessert (San Diego)

By in 18: Greater LA

Let me put up this almost forgotten entry before we left the country. The beautiful Extraordinary Dessert‘s floral decorated cakes and tea room are part of my San Diego experience every time I go there. When I went there few months ago, I found that they opened a restaurant version at downtown (Little Italy).

Upon entrance, the cake display is similar to the original cake shop.

Beyond the cakes is the spacious dining space.

Bruschetta ($3.5 each): Avocado with Artichoke Truffle Tapenade, and Cashel Blue with Pear and Fig Jam. Delicious and surprisingly filling.

Mixed Green. The flower petals made a plain salad extraordinary.

Portobello & Brie Panini. A little light for my taste, but the bread is very fresh and good!

Extraordinary Dessert
1430 Union St (between Ash St & Beech St), San Diego, CA 92101

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4 Responses to “Extraordinary Dessert (San Diego)”

  1. weezermonkey says:

    My friend raaaaaaves about this place, but she has only mentioned the sweets. I didn’t even know it served non-dessert food!

  2. SinoSoul says:

    I would go with weezer, cept this joint is TAINTED by the chickie’s ex. Y’all know how that goes.

  3. tomoko says:

    I experienced total memory flashback
    just seeing the name of this place!!
    and I hadn’t thought about this place for so long!!(・∀・)
    glad to know their business is doing well!
    the salad looks like a beautiful flower arrangement!! so astonishing!

  4. gourmetpigs says:

    my friend kept talking about this place. Your post (and the older one) tell me I should go give it a try. Too bad I don’t make it down there that often