November 7, 2005 3

Extrordinary Dessert (San Diego)

By in 18: Greater LA

Chai Vert (Sencha + Assam with cinnamon, vanilla, clove , almond and rose petals)
Truffe Framboise (Raspberry and kirsh soaked chocolate cake layers surrounded by bittersweet Valrbona chocoalte mousse with fresh raspberries). Gianduia (bittersweet chocolate cake with Myer’s rum that’s layered with hazelnut buttercream, chocolate mousse, boysenberry preserves and covered with crushed praline). Both *q*~ The cakes are very moist and light. Very satisfying!

We came here long time ago with Tomoko, a San Diego local pastry chef’s own boutique Extraordinary Desserts. She opened another one at SD’s Little Italy area now (that one seems to have lunch/dinner). It was packed. The interior is like a zen garden with buddha statue, dried pressed flowers on the wall and fresh flowers on each table.

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3 Responses to “Extrordinary Dessert (San Diego)”

  1. Joan says:

    Hey Tomoko, it’s amazing how much I remember San Diego even though the last visit was there with you like 2-3 years ago. I remembered at Hillcrest, that Indian restaurant you took us to, the fun gift shop, a candle shop and used clothes store….they’re all still there! Id efinitely remember the area where Extraordinary desert is at, when i was driving there I felt total dejavu!

  2. tomoko says:

    so nice to know that sandiego is still the way I remember…^_^
    I used to love little Italy too!
    I can totally imagine the place being packed!!
    wish I could see the interior

  3. Freda says:

    My interior pic turns out bad and too crowded to see anyway. We should have stopped by little Italy too I guess. I could remember those flower and flower plate soooo well! Still the same!!!